A project Experience: “Kids On The Stage”

Hello, I am İsmail and I have joined Imece Network In January 2019. I participated in the youth exchange program in Georgia. It was a very great time there and I learned a lot for life.

After my return from Georgia I wished to develop my own project, because I wanted to do it based on the experiences I made during the exchange program. Since I am studying social work, I had the idea to realize a project about immigrant children. With the support of Imece network I had the opportunity to realize my own project.

For this purpose, we carried out a project called “Kids on the Stage” with children of refugee families in Turkey, which was supported by the European Union, together with Bilkent University and Imece Network, which received a grant from the International Child Center (ICM). So, with the support of my friends Gizem, Barış, Gamze and Melike, we organized educational, informative and awareness-raising activities on the access and educational rights of children.

I was happy and able to support immigrant children who are part of sensitive groups in social life. As a result of this project, I was able to gain personal and professional experience and was very strongly motivated for my future profession in social work. I realized that I can change things at a young age, even if the effect is not necessarily very high. The encounter with Imece Network has changed my whole life. It was a great experience.

İsmail Kuruhalil