My trip to Georgia

When I first learned that I was selected as a participant for the youth exchange, the first thing I felt was bliss, excitement but also surprise. Because I saw the confirmation mail of the trip about 2 days later. I didn’t know at first if I could still fly. However, this was not a problem after I contacted Imece Network. So I prepared myself and took the trip with other participants.

After a nice flight with THY we arrived in Tbilisi. It was a bit chaotic right at the beginning because nobody on the street could help us. Nevertheless I enjoyed getting lost in an unknown city. In such a time you can notice two things.
1. How the group can deal with the crisis situation? Who is most leadership and solution oriented in the group?
2. How the city itself is structured, if one does not know a city at all and has inquired beforehand. The orientation at the beginning of a trip shapes the whole course of the trip.

After we reached our hostel and arranged everything, we went straight to sleep and ate a delicious soup early in the morning. Tbilisi is a great city, even if it was a bit cold at this time of the year. The city has a lot to experience and above all it has, if I can say so. a soul for itself.

The project was really well organized, every detail was taken care of and we had no problems with the catering or accommodation. If I had to describe the project in one sentence, I would say so;

“Life was never that exciting for ten days.”

Ömer Önem Yetkin